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Trinkets. Note: Shipping cost not included:-

If ye has any questions, we’ll be happy to answer ’em.Pictures of items will be uploaded soon.If yer interested in any of our pirate booty, just drop us an email with yer list an’ shipping address. We’ll be addin’ a reasonable shipping fee get back to ya with a total cost.

Pirate Paper Plates 8/pack $4.69
Pirate Napkins 16/pack $4.94
Hot/Cold Cups 8/pack $4.36
Plastic Cutlery (knife, fork, spoon) Available inBlack or Gold 8 sets/pack $2.44
Pirate Table Cover (9′ x 4.5′) Each $7.44
Jolly Roger Flag Banner (approx 10′ long) Each $4.94
Jolly Roger Latex Balloons 10/pack $5.00
Assorted Pirate Temporary Tatoos (approx 144 per pack) Each pack $8.69
Jolly Roger Temporary Tatoos (1 large / 2 small per pack) Each pack $2.44
Jolly Roger Stickers (approx 60 per pack) Each pack $2.44
Pirate Party Hat (foam) Each $1.86
Pirate Captain’s Hat (child, quality version) Each $6.19
Pirate Adventure Sticker Book Each $5.61
Pirate Party Bags with Goodies (7.00 each/5 bags per pack)example of items:Treasure coins; Jewels; Jewel Rings; Eyepatch; Mustache etc. Each pack  $35.00

We will be offerin’ magic tricks an’ magic kits soon.We be in the process of gettin’ this here treasure chest online. Please be patient. And if not…

Prepare To Be Boarded Matey! Arrrrrrr!