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Ideal for clients that travel for work, or have an unpredictable schedule.

Online Virtual Training (“OVT”) is a great way to achieve your goals with my guidance from a distance. I will be your fitness coach and give you the most effective program for you and your goals. OVT offers the benefit of working at your own pace, at your own place and on your own schedule.

The OVT program includes:
– 1 month or 3 month fitness program options;
– Weight management program;
– Work out routines via video;
– Weekly video conferences.

Ideal for clients that are more experienced in fitness and comfortable at the gym.

The Ultimate 8 is an eight week fitness program. We often get tired of our same old routine and need something new, fresh and challenging. You will work with a fitness professional one day per week; the following days you will follow a personalized workout routine designed for your individual needs and goals.

Tell me your goals, and let’s create something great with the Ultimate 8.

Designed to improve overall employee energy, team morale, work productivity and health.

People are a company’s greatest asset and investing in their health and wellness will reap benefits for all parties. Provide a healthier way of life for your employees and workplace.

Upscale Fitness onsite corporate wellness program will come to your office and design fitness programs for your employees of all ages and fitness levels.

No gym? No problem. Contact us today for more information about the Upscale Fitness onsite corporate wellness programs.

Ideal for clients that feed off the energy of those around them but like more attention and direction than received in typical group fitness classes.

Semi-Private Training (“SPT”) is the wave of the future in fitness training. SPT consists of resistance, endurance and flexibility training for teams of 4-6 people. It’s a great way to maximize time, cost, and effort while you work towards your best results.

We all work a little harder with a team to help encourage, motivate, challenge, compete and inspire us to get the most out of every rep. Get the personal attention of one on one training but with the energy and intensity of a class.

SPT is grouped in a series of 4 week programs; sold in packages of 8 or 12, depending on how many classes attended. Tell a friend, family or loved one… join a team or bring one!

Ideal for everyone looking to get stronger, improve endurance, lose weight, build muscle, increase mobility and better your overall health.

One on one personal training will help YOU (gold) to achieve YOUR ultimate level of conditioning. Get results faster, safer and more conveniently than ever. I will motivate, encourage and monitor your every move. You will receive a personalized program to realize your goals.

Choose workout times to accommodate your busy schedule, and learn to use your time more effectively by training properly. You will gain more confidence in everything you do while your physical and mental capabilities soar to a new level. So don’t just sit there.. join the Movement!