Can Do For Your Next Event!

I have been entertaining both adults and children as a professional magician since 1995. I have performed for a multitude of events including private parties, social events, schools and charities.When you think of a magician, what comes to mind? Someone pulling rabbits out of a hat? Grandpa with a deck of cards? The answer is different depending on the person asked because of their life experiences and exposure to magic.

As a child, life was filled with new discoveries. Everything was magical and enchanting because we didn’t know about the law of gravity, physics, etc. It is my goal that you experience that same type of enchantment we all had at one time, once again.My style of magic will dazzle you and tickle your common sense providing you with an enjoyable experience.

For my magic shows, I have adopted the persona of a pirate named “Captain Jack Bartholemew.” Jack is a notorious pirate who has sailed the seven seas in search of mystery, magic, and fortune. He has many tall tales to share from places he has been, to things he has seen, and maybe, you might even get a peek at some of his treasures!My wife plays “Nyre…the Black Rose of the Sea.” Nyre is my first mate and my assistant. She is also a ventriloquist.

Not interested in pirates eh? We also perform traditional magic shows (non-pirae theme) upon request.We are also psychic entertainers where we delve into the powers of the mind. We entertain at psy-parties where we do psychic experiments in clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition.Overall, I will entertain you and allow you to imagine, believe, empathize, remember and experience the mystical.

I provide top-quality entertainment for a variety of functions.

• Corporate Functions
• Dinner and Cocktail Parties
• Fund Raisers
• Training Sessions

• School Events
• Company Parties
• Children’s Parties
• Private Parties

Every event is unique and I tailor the magic to fit your needs. After all, it is YOUR event!

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