History in Magic


As a child, I was always intrigued by magic. I enjoyed doing card tricks for my parents and friends. When I could, I would get magic tricks at the local store or on TV.Like the typical little boy, my interests changed over time. I wanted to become an astronaut, then a firefighter, etc. But no matter where my interests led me, deep down, I always maintained a love for magic. Whenever there was a TV special, I would always tune in.

After High School, my interest in magic resurfaced. I purchased some trick cards and once again, you could find me performing card tricks for friends and family.As my life course continued, I found myself teaching vocational school. There, I started using magic as a teaching tool in the classroom. I would use magic to help illustrate difficult concepts and I would use it as a “reward” for my students.

I soon found myself performing for larger and larger groups of people. I would do school functions for my children and grandchildren. It was in 1995 that I was asked to do my first paid show. As time progressed, I was asked to perform more and more magic shows. I was performing for all sorts of parties and big corporate events such as Coca Cola, Vodafone, Cisco and casinouzmani77

I was officially bitten by the bug. My journey onto the road becoming a professional entertainer had begun to set. I have been performing in front of audiences now for several years.

My wife accompanies me as Nyre, my assistant and first mate. She is also a professional ventriloquist.One person asked me the other day where are you [me] headed in your career? The simple answer is I don’t know. Because the future has not been written. The possibilities are endless. But I do know this…

It doesn’t matter whether I am producing a card, reading minds, or performing a grand stage illusion, I really enjoy watching the reactions of you [the audience] as you experience the magic, and for a moment in time, have that wonderful feeling you had as a child – wondering and believing in the moment and having fun in the world of enchantment.

Professional Memberships and Associations

Born, Raised, and Residency

Active member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) and Ring 192 in Sacramento California.
Active member of the International Magician’s Society.

I was born and raised through the end of my High School years in San Diego California. I then migrated to the California Bay Area for a while, and finally wound up living in California’s Capitol – Sacramento, where my wife and I currently reside.

My Other Job

Most of my professional career was spent in Emergency Medicine as a paramedic. I eventually became a paramedic educator where I had the privilege of teaching and training a multitude of people to become paramedics.

In 1998 I retired from the paramedic industry because of a knee injury. I still work in the medical field, although it is behind a desk, working for Emergency Department physicians in medical insurance reimbursement.


After graduating High School, I went on to obtain an Associates of Science Degree in Emergency Medical Services through the American Academy of Prehospital Medicine.I then went on and obtained my Masters of Science degree in the Science of Adult Education from the University of San Moritz.
After studying magic for several years, I earned a degree in something I enjoy. I enrolled in the Magic Academy of New York where I completed my Doctorate in the Performing Arts.

Hobbies and Relaxing

In my spare time I enjoy building furniture and little wooden trinkets. I am also a huge football fan (GO RAIDERS!) and I also enjoy watching basketball (GO KINGS!).